NAAS (Not Another Art Show)

First debuting in 2019 for Art Basel Miami OO & CO revamped the Urban Art Fair into NAAS (Not Another Art Show). 

NAAS's mission is to bridge the gap during Basel between art, fashion, culture, music, tech & philanthropy. Creating an immersive inclusive experience through experiential activations, galleries & more where art becomes alive, instagrammable and unforgettable. Ultimately driving VIP, influencers & trendsetters to NAAS during the most populated week in Miami.


The artists featured included: Whisbe, Flore, The Most Famous Artist, Jeff Cole, Malone, Ikonick, Callen Schaub, Sona, Rex Southwick, Stian Borgen, Prop Movie Money, The Producer BDB, Mr. Debonair, Thank You X, Josh Mayhem, John Westbay, Jared Schwalb, Victor Spinelli, Seekone, Sebastian Ferreira, Cope, Shawn Kolodney, AHOL Sniffs Glue, Anthony Ricciardi, Omar Cruz, Art By Gino, and Matt Corrado.

The venue, Magic City Innovation District, nestled in the heart of Little Haiti, with a mission to attract a community of leading innovators who will disrupt and change the world through advancing technologies that span verticals from art to architecture, new-tech to clean-tech, fashion to food, media to film production, and software to sustainability. 


Be sure to check @notanotherartshow for details! 

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