Traditional Networking vs Building Relationships | Lessons from the CEOO

  1. An example of traditional networking would be going to a mixer or event have a few drinks & give out 20 cards. Or maybe you find potential new contacts online & you send pitch e-mails.

2. But what happens when they decline? Is that it? Does the conversation need to end there?

· I have found that when a brand declines your opportunity it helps to ask them why & what kind of opportunities they seek. Ex: If I pitch someone Model Volleyball and they say it’s not a great fit, I ask them what their brand focuses’ and/or pillars are.

· That way I know what types of opportunities they would find to be interesting & on brand to consider. If they said their pillars include only fashion, I won’t send along a pitch for sports related events.

3. Know who you’re pitching & do the research!

4. A generic e-mail can be fine at times to get a short & sweet pitch across their inbox, but if you can add that special touch, that one liner, that will set you apart from the rest, this will be make the biggest impact and ultimately start your relationship on the right foot. 

5. Once you have successfully partnered with brands, play the LONG game. You want them to have the best experience with you so once your contract ends, they want to renew & even refer you new business. A quick buck = zero bucks.

6. You never know what position someone will be in or what position you will be in in the future. 

7. Everyone is busy, but you don’t need to act like you’re TOO busy while in conversation.

8. Always have a mutually beneficial approach. 

9. Treat each business relationship like you would anything you want to grow, and unfortunately things don’t grow overnight.

10. How can you help your contacts & gain their trust and how they can help you, with the main end game of helping each other reach goals.

11. Get out there & introduce  yourself when you’re out networking. You have nothing to lose, the worst anyone will ever say to you is no.  · Be authentic & know your value.   · Be positive and avoid gossiping.  · Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback, knowing ways to improve should come after every event or deal you’re working on with your relationships. 

12. Set personal goals on doing business with specific individuals and make a strong attempt to connect with them. What will they find value in by working with you

13. Don’t hold grudges, refocus on your goals only when someone or something creates a road block.

14. Have patience & remember your lasting impression should be the best version of yourself.

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