Time Management | Lessons from the CEOO

-Make a check list for yourself every morning and prioritize that list so you’re working on the items in the correct order of importance 

-Always send our e-mail correspondence first, that way you’ve given them a full day to see your e-mail & respond as needed

-Set deadlines even if your clients or boss has not, this will allow for you to shine internally and move up in a company the fastest

-Do not over promise and under deliver. Under promise and over deliver 

-Set realistic expectations and communicate when they can’t be met as planned with revised deadline information

-Don’t just bring bad news, have the solution ready 

-Keep a log of your work flow and how long it takes you to complete tasks. This internal investment in yourself will help evaluate your value and salary

-Learn to delegate the appropriate tasks to team members and make sure you hare advised the order you want these tasks completed

-Have a clear purpose before you start your meetings, this will help wasted time

-Think twice before scheduling a meeting, ask yourself if this would be better served as an e-mail conversation or phone call

-Plan your weeks schedule on Sunday & utilize your calendar for appointments with alerts 

-Block out distractions and utilize the “Do not disturb” when on deadline of tasks

-Exercise often & sleep well

-Don't answer the phone just because it’s ringing, unless it’s your boss! 

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