Sponsor Deck | Lessons from the CEOO

1 - Make sure you have given your reader all of the basics – Who, What, Where, When & Why

2 - Be sure to have a clean yet captivating cover slide, stay on brand & be consistent with your visuals

3 - Be aware of the fonts you’re using and stay consistent across the deck. Double check the sizes of the fonts on each slide

4 - Don’t lie. If it’s not true, skip it. Once it is, you can always add it back in

5 - Make sure the brand knows you can create custom ideas 

6 - Integrate hyperlinks to past videos

7 - Only use your best images, if it’s just average skip it

8 - When listing date don’t use “TH" or “ST” just the month and the numeric date 

9 - Include sponsor packages as a starting point so you can set the bar on the value of deliverables against your pricing 

10 - Data data data, include as much demographics and analytics as well as data about who attends your event 

11 - Include press and social media coverage 

12 - The goal is to get the point across within the first few pages of what you are selling and showcase how it’s different than other events 

13 - Compress your PDF in size below 10MB, as well as have a digital option like Dropbox to share on the fly 

14 - Write out a complimenting pitch to go alongside your deck that is brief and to the point. No time for a lengthy pitches!

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