Interview Tips | Lessons from the CEOO

1. BE ON TIME! Actually be 15 minutes early, you always have to account for traffic, parking and getting lost 

2. Make strong eye contact! 

3. Proper handshake, you don’t want to have a dead fish hand or too strong of a grip. Practice prior to get it just right! 

4. Find a personal connection with the interviewer so they know you have gone the extra mile in pre-interview research. Did you go to the same college? Are you from the same hometown?

5. Don't oversell yourself, prove it when you get the job! 

6. Send a follow up e-mail post interview thanking them for their time and how eager you are to fulfill that role 

7. Anticipate being asked about your prior experience and be ready to showcase your work on the fly! 

8. It’s ok for you to ask questions. If you want to know more about the work environment, hierarchy of the role & responsibilities this is the time to ask. 

9. Research the company & the industry the best you can, especially if this is your first job right out of college job. 

10. Stay positive throughout the entire interview, even if there’s items that through you off. Digest those comments and include them in an e-mail once you have had time to draft the proper professional response. 

11. Bring several copies of your resume with you, and keep them in folder so that paper stays crisp.

12. Don’t give up! Even if it doesn’t go as well as you planned, you can be honest write a note or give them a call and ask for another shot. 

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