E-mail Etiquette | Lessons from the CEOO

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Email Etiquette Rules

#1 - Use Hi (insert persons name), not Hey or Hello. Hey is too casual, Hello is too corporate. Hi is just right! 

#2 - Use “Received", instead of "got it"

#3 - Use Please let me know your thoughts vs what do you think? or what are your thoughts?

#4 - Use Hi all, when addressing a group chain. No need to crowd the e-mail with everyone on a greeting if it’s two or more people

#5 - Preferred sign off when closing out an e-mail - Use "Best, your name"

#6 - When we are declining an opportunity use, thank you for considering (X) for the opportunity, …

#7 - Use Thank you vs Thanks. Thank you is more direct and there’s no confusion of tone

#8 - Double check the spelling of the persons name you’re corresponding with before hitting send 

#9 - If your attachments are too large, head over to SMALLPDF.com this site will literally CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

#10 - Make sure you have answered ALL of the questions being asked of you by the client

#11 - Have a clear subject line that is easy for you & the client to look back on and reference 

#12 - Response time: no more than 24 hours. Even if you don’t have the answer, acknowledge the e-mail & respond that you are working towards that answer

#13 - Proof read your e-mails, no one likes poor grammar! 

#14 - Be sure to double check the settings when adding any attachments for resolution size

#15 - And finally remember, your emails are a reflection of you! 

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