AWOM Gala 2018

AWOM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by Sarah Akiba who lost her father to lung cancer in 2013. She started this foundation in order to help fund other nonprofits and unite all people who have lost an "Angel." AWOM, an acronym for Angel Watching Over Me, derived from a social media trend of #angelwatchingoverme where other victims began telling their stories about their "angels." This inspired Sarah to combine her love for fashion and giving back to raise awareness and support the victims and families left behind by a loving friend, family, or any other important person in their life. Not only for those who have lost someone, but AWOM also helps other organizations and foundations and serves as their “ Earth Angel” by donating and volunteering.

The Angel Watching Over Me Foundation has grown in tremendous ways with it only being a year and half old. It has become a lifestyle of feeling good both on the inside and out. So much has been accomplished. Every other week AWOM hosts support groups with Time Emotional Guidance Center for people who have lost a loved one in both Miami and New York called Time Talks. 

OO & CO is a the Board Chair as well as the Chair of the annual AWOM Gala in Miami. stay tuned for more information on the 2019 event. 

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