With one-of-a-kind sound, style and singing prowess, 070 Shake is lighting up the music industry and we’re lucky enough to help he do it. Famous for her features on “Ghost Town” and “Violent Crimes” by Kanye West, “Santeria” by Pusha T and “Not For Radio” by Nas, 070 Shake has already worked with some of the biggest musicians of our generation.


Serving as 070 Shake’s tour logistics management team, OO & CO has facilitated travel and performance logistics for shows including Coachella, Firefly Music Festival, Osheaga Festival and Governor’s Ball, as well as performances for The North Face in New York City and Adidas in Milan, Italy. 070 Shake is signed to GOOD Music under Def Jam Records and her debut studio album is releasing this spring. This rising star is not to be ignored.

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